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Bernd Fix


Bernd Fix

A Hacker Veteran & Privacy Activist

Talk Title:
“All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace”

Bernd Fix is a hacker veteran of the Chaos Computer Club in Germany and founding board member of the Wau Holland Foundation. After working in the field of computer security for over two decades, his current work focusses on digital disobedience, freedom of information, informational self-determination and the impact of technology on the development of our society.

Talk Title & Summary

“All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace”

What foreseeable impact will the emerging cybernetic society have on our social interactions, the existing political system, and its underlying economy? What will the collusion between Cybernetics (N. Wiener) and Behaviorism (B. F. Skinner) mean for us as human beings that value freedom, privacy, compassion, independence, and change? Freedom does not compute for an algorithm…

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