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Galia Mancheva

Galia Mancheva

Project Manager @ FSFE | Free Software Advocate & Speaker

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Galia Mancheva is a project manager at Free Software Foundation Europe, working on the Legal Licensing Workshop, I Love Free Software Day, and FOSS4SMEs. She studied Communications and Internet Governance in Brussels and her professional background includes EU digital policy on Digital Single Market dossiers in the European Parliament, such as the digital chapters in International Trade Agreements like TTIP, CETA, and TiSA; Data Protection and e-Privacy; IoT; Big Data, Digital Copyright and IPR, Net Neutrality Electronic Identification and Verification, etc.

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One of the most controversial policy topics in the European Union was, and still is, the harmonisation of copyright with a new copyright directive. At the time of writing, and after two years of intense debates, the copyright reform is getting close to the final straight.
For the well-being of software freedom, one of the most important discussions was around Article 13.

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