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Hernâni Marques

Hernâni Marques

Council Member p≡p foundation | Privacy Advocate & Activist

Talk Title:
“Actually Existing Mass Surveillance and Targeting: Mind-Sets and Methods”

Hernâni Marques is Computational Lingust, Sociologist and Neuroinformatician, board member and activist of the Chaos Computer Club Switzerland (CCC-CH) and council member of the p≡p foundation, helping in creating tools to restore privacy and engaged in fights for privacy, freedom of speech and information.

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Talk Title & Summary

“Actually Existing Mass Surveillance and Targeting: Mind-Sets and Methods”

This talk wants to raise awareness that our Internet infrastructure is clearly under attack and fundamental technical counter-measures are utterly necessary. Since the EU’s ECHELON reports, some evidence becomes evident that a global mass surveillance complex exists in practice, which is embedded into a “private-public partnership” with firms collecting our personal data. So then the Snowden revelations as of June 2013 and WikiLeaks’ Vault 7 and other releases clearly show that basically, the conclusion to take is: if there are ten attack vectors, all ten are used — only costs for attackers being sometimes the limiting factor.

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