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Klaus Herberth

Klaus Herberth

Privacy Speaker & Developer

Talk Title:
“Take back control over your data and communication”

Klaus is a research assistant in the Distributed Systems Laboratory at the University of Konstanz. He tries to combine privacy, security, and usability in a way that people can easily protect their privacy and freedom. In his current work, he focuses on a protocol for secure communication in dynamic groups. Since 5 years he is also the lead developer of the JavaScript XMPP Client and contributes to many other open source projects.

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Talk Title & Summary

“Take back control over your data and communication”

More and bigger silos are emerging where you are the product and you are being milked for your data and metadata. But there is good news: It’s a breeze to get your freedom back with federated FLOSS applications. In this talk, you will learn how to take back control over your data and communication with XMPP and Nextcloud.

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