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Milen Radkov

Milen Radkov

CEO of Hack.bg | Blockchain Speaker

Talk Title:
Blockchain as a Solution (BaaS)

Milen Radkov is Founder and CEO of hack.bg – Blockchain Development and Consulting.

Milen is a blockchain developer and enthusiast, software engineer and entrepreneur.

He is founder of several software companies, the most successful of which is hack – rapid growing software company with main focus on developing products and consulting in the blockchain technology space and complex software systems.

The company operates on world scale level, and has extensive experience in developing blockchain projects, smart contracts and services for startups and enterprises.

Milen is also the organizer of several blockchain related technological meetups in Bulgaria – Blockchain Developers Meetup – monthly meetup for developers, where every developer or enthusiast could freely join and participate in the events and workshops, receiving and sharing knowledge in the blockchain technology space, and Polkadot Sofia meetup.

He is an Ambassador for Gitcoin – Ethereum based decentralized platform for software engineering gigs, and technology advisor for the WeiDex – the first bulgarian decentralized exchange – which is aiming to provide additional privacy, security and freedom to the end user.

Milen has lots of development experience as web and mobile developer and software programmer. He has extensive knowledge and deep understanding in blockchain technology, DLT (Distributed Ledger Technologies) and peer-2-peer networks.

Privacy advocate and a huge fan of Zero-Knowledge Proofs.

Talk Title & Summary

Blockchain as a Solution (BaaS)

Corruption, privacy trespassing, banking unavailability and high fees, expensive intermediaries… Serious problems stuck in our society, and blockchain might just be the right solution.

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