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Nikola Tchouparov

Nikola Tchouparov

Co-founder & CEO of Moneyfold | Blockchain Speaker & Main Host 2018/2019

Our main host;
2019: Stablecoins: From Bitcoin to Eurocoin

Nikola is a serial blockchain entrepreneur and an avid supporter of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. His company Moneyfold Ltd is a UK regulated financial firm that makes money composable, and eligible for use in the open finance stack by using stablecoins. Currently supporting 14 currencies including GBP, EUR, CHF, HKD, JPY and others. He has direct experience with mining cryptocurrencies and investing in ICO’s.

In his previous career, Nikola implement trading and risk management platforms at several banks around the world.

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Talk Title:

Stablecoins: From Bitcoin to Eurocoin

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