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Radoslav Penchev

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Radoslav Penchev

Product Owner at Propy | Blockchain Advocate

Talk Title:
“The Token Economy”

Radoslav is a blockchain advocate and Product Owner at Propy. As such he is responsible for the product vision, direction, and development. His goal is to demystify blockchain technology for the public by finding the golden mean between consumer needs and good technical solutions.

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Talk Title & Summary

“The Token Economy”

The emergence of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and decentralization is opening up a wide range of previously unavailable markets as well as new ways to compete against entrenched incumbents. Sure, many of the new crypto entities coming into being today will die out, but many of the ones that survive will be epic.

I believe that one of the most under-appreciated factors that will determine success and failure of many of these entities is Token Economics. The token economy is the soil that feeds a token’s utility and as such will be vital to the success and credibility of emerging blockchain startups. We will take a look at the what and why as well as the possible approaches.

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