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Rositsa Uzunska

Rositsa Uzunska

A Digital Nomad | An Independent Living Speaker

Talk Title:
Digital Nomads: The Whats, The Whys and The Hows

Rositsa Uzunska is a digital nomad who needs only a laptop, a backpack and wi-fi to manage the successful company she co-founded while traveling the world. She believes in win-win scenarios where work-life balance can be easily sustained, and where living costs can be cut while simultaneously achieving a better life. Rositsa will share her experience with remote work, how to afford a nomadic lifestyle and inspire you to take the plunge into location independence.

Talk Title

Digital Nomads: The Whats, The Whys and The Hows


What is the life of a digital nomad? Is it worth it and how can I get there? Is it possible to have this life with my profession? What should I do to achieve independence and where can I go? These are some of the questions you will answer for yourself after the presentation.

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