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Nikolay Chakinski

Nikolay Chakinski

Product Development Manager @ Neterra | Blockchain Track

Talk Title:
“Blockchain Infrastructure – benefits of a data center for mining”

Nikolay is a Product Development Manager at Neterra – a pioneering telecom company and one of the first alternative Internet providers in Bulgaria. He is also a blockchain enthusiast and believes in its growing importance to decentralization, fintech and digital security. For the past 10 years Nikolay was working on various telco projects at Neterra, and now he is in charge of the latest data center service – Basic Colocation. Neterra is an independent telecom operator offering standard and complex services in Bulgaria and Europe for over 20 years.

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Talk Title & Summary

“Blockchain Infrastructure – benefits of a data center for mining

We are witnessing a life-changing technological infiltration of the blockchain technologies in our lives and in the economy. This means more storage space, more energy consumption, specialized equipment, networking, and infrastructure. Traditional data centers are not designed to meet these needs. They need to change their business strategies and to adapt to the new technologies, in order to meet the customers’ needs.

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